Buy/Trade Policies

Magic the Gathering Buy/Trade Policy

We Offer Cash or Trade!

We are looking for any:

1. Planeswalkers valued over $5.

2. Valuable cards (rares valued over $8 ($5 for Standard) and $3.50 for uncommons and commons (including uncommon planeswalkers), that we don't already have many in stock.

3. Bulk Rares/Mythics

Due to a recent large influx of bulk trade-ins, will not be accepting any bulk rares from the Dr. Who, Lost Caverns of Ixalan: Commander, Lord of the Rings: Scene Box Cards, or cards from any of Magic's Un-Sets.

4. Bulk Common/Uncommon

Due to a recent large influx of bulk trade-ins, we will only be accepting bulk C/UN from Murders at Karlov Manor, Ravnica Remastered, and The Lost Caverns of Ixalan (along with their associated Commander sets). We will offer $6 credit/$3 cash per 1000 bulk C/UN cards from these sets.

Trade Policy: We give store credit on a sliding scale from 30% to as high as 60%, depending on how quickly we feel the card might sell, how many we already have in stock, and condition of the card. Typical percentages for popular standard cards would be 35% to 45%.

All offers are in store credit, or we offer half as much in cash (or combination of credit and cash).